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Prof. Dr.Raid Tariq Hade AL-Khateeb

Submitted by dr.Raid Tariq on Wed, 12/27/2017 - 06:15

* Ph.D. in Chemical engineering /Unit Operation / Technology University.

* Address: University of muthanna, College of Engineering / Department of  chemical engineering

* Email: , Dr,

* Current position : Professor  lecturer at Muthanna Engineering College

Mobile: 009647815143003


Raid Tarik Hade , ph.d in chemical engineering is a graduate from Technology university Engineer College / Iraq. His practice specializes  in the three phase flow. Interesting research including water treatment , fluid flow , cement quality researches. Raid is also a professor of engineer at Muthanna University engineer college. Raid Tarik Hade has been published more than a paper in high impact factor journals.  


B.Sc.  in Chemical engineering /  Technology University. Chemical engineering /Unit operation / Technology University.

Ph.D. in Chemical engineering /Unit operation / Technology University.


* Raid T. Al-Khateeb and Alaa H. Taha. Kinetics and Isotherm studies of disperse red dye using activated carbon.Open Access Journal.

* Raid Al-Kateeb and Hussein Y. Aziz*.Comparison of physical and chemical properties of soils in China and Iraq.African Journal of Engineering           Research.

* Raid AL-Khateeb.STUDY AND ANALYSIS OF A TYPICAL WATER DISTRIBUTION NETWORK IN SAMAWA CITY.International Journal of               General.Engineering and Technology (IJGET).*

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