Ihsan Abdullah Kumail

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University of Al Muthanna/ College of Dentistry/ Department of Oral Diagnosis

email: ihsanalkhuzaie@mu.edu.iq     ihsanalkhuzaie@gmail.com

current position: Dean of Dentistry College   Ass. Prof. Oral Medicine


Bachalor in oral medicine and surgery (BDS), is a graduate from Baghdad University Dentistry College/Iraq 1979

PhD in Oral Medicine / Baghdad Dentistry College/ 2009

MSc  in Oral Medicine / Baghdad Dentistry College/ 2005

Lecturer at dentalal college, Al Mustansirya University 2006-2012

Professional Positions

Dean of Dentistry College/ Muthanna University

Professional Activities

1- senior lecturer in Mustansiryah University 2006- 2012

2- establishing dental college in 2012 

3- suggestion of private study in iraqi universities

4- suggestion of distribution of newly graduates specialties in medical sciences between newly established medical colleges

5- establishing dental hospital in muthanna dentistry college of 70 dental chairs to treat patients

6- chargeless treatment for orphans children in teaching dental hospital of the college

7- teaching Oral Medicine subject for 5th year dental students 

Awards and Distinctions

1- lecturer in 2nd scientific meeting in mustansiryah dental college 2006

2- leturer in 1st scientific meeting of international muthanna dental college 2013

3- lecturer in 3rd scientific international meeting of muthanna dental college 2014

4- awards of laser conference in Beirut

5- visiting professor to genova dental school in 2014

6- sign of memorandom of understanding between muthanna dental college and genova dental school in April 2014

7- Three letters of appreciation from chancellor of muthanna university



1- Evaluation of different therapeutic measures in the management of temporomandibular joint disorders

Journal of Baghdad Dentistry College- vol 15- 200

2- Evaluation of immunoglobulines versus natural salivary defense in controlling recurrent herpes simplex lesions

Journal of Baghdad Dentistry College- vol 20- 2009

3- Control of recurrent oro-labial herpes simplex lesions by in vivo enhancement of salivary peroxidase system

Journal of Baghdad Dentistry College vol 21- 2010

4- Comparative study between immunity produced by heat-killed Candida  Albicans and Candida Albicans cell wall mannoproteins antigens in mice

International journal for advanced biological research

I.J.A.B.R., VOL. 2(4) 2012: 742-746 ISSN 2250 – 3579 742

5- Ameloblastoma of the mandible in Anbar province. A prospective study

مجلة كلية الرافدين العلمية  العدد 30 / 2012 (157-170)

6- Evaluation of topical versus systemic medications in the treatment of neuropathic orofacial pain.A prospective study

Ihsan A. Kumail, B.D.S., M.Sc., Ph.D.

. (J Bagh Coll Dentistry 2012; 24(sp. Issue 1):53-59).

7- Histological implication of p53 gene expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Karima Al Salihi1*; Ihsan Abdullah2; S. L. Ang3

8- Inhibition of binding of Helicobacter pylori to tissue culture cells by anti-lipopolysaccharide monoclonal antibodies

Al Muthanna journal of pure science V (2) N (1) Dec 2014 

9- A new Approach to a successful management of Burning Mouth Syndrome

Iraqi Dental Journal Vol (39) No (2) 2017 ISSN 2411-9741- (73- 81)

Ongoing & Recent Field Projects

1- in vitro enhancement of antibacterial innate immunity of saliva

2- ameloblastoma - management according to histologic stage



teaching oral medicine sciences for 5th year dental students

teaching pharmacology for 3rd year dental students

teaching infection control for 3rd year dental students

Place Of Work
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