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Aoda Kadhim Abid Jabur

Submitted by uddakadhim on Thu, 06/27/2019 - 22:29

Full Name: Aoda  Kadhim Abid Jabu

University: Muthanna University

College: College of Education for Humanities

Department: The Dep. Of English


1-B.A. in English Language,  Basrah University, College of Education, The Dep. Of English, 1998

2-M.A. in English Language Methodology, Al-Yarmouk University, College of Education, 2003

3-PhD. in English Language Methodology, Ain Shams University, College of Education, 2016

M.A. Thesis Title: An Analysis if the Reading Miscues and Reading Comprehension of Iraqi Fifth Secondary Grades in English in Thi-Qar Governorate
PhD. Dissertation Title: The Effectiveness of a Program Based on the Pronunciation Skills of the English Language on Developing Some Oral Communication Skills for the Iraqi Students at the University Level


Other Published Papers, Working Papers and Reviews

1-The Effect of Using Scientific Activities as a Context for Teaching English to Develop English Vocabulary of the First Class Primary School Pupils

2-The Effectiveness of a Process – Based Training Program in the Development of Students' Writing Skills on the First Stage for the College of Education in Thi-Qar / Iraq

3-The Main Aspects of English / Arabic Compoundings

4-The Social Aspects of Slang: Social Media Standardization

5-The Effectiveness of Constructivism Theory for Developing Business Technical Writing Skills

6-A Program Based on Song Lyrics and Animation Movies to Develop English Oral Reading Fluency Skills of Pre-Service Teachers

7-The Role of Distinctive Feature Analysis in the Teaching of Pronunciation

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