Ghazi Faisal Naser

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Initially, my interest in chemical materials and environmental phenomena led me to take a bachelors degree in chemical engineering at the University of Baghdad and then take the master degree in the same specialization from the University of Baghdad. Now I am currently working on the adsorption and ability for the removal of a large variety of dyes from wastewater ability for the removal of a large variety of dyes from wastewater.In addition my areas of expertise: Renewable Energy, Membranes Technology, and Water Treatment.

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  • Location: Chemical Engineering Department

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering / University of Baghdad

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering    / University of Baghdad      

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·         The research paper (Energy Generation by Forward Osmosis) has been published in Journal of Chemical Engineering/University of Baghdad, 2012-2013

·         The research paper (Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange Dye using Different Photocatalysts under Solar Light)has been published in International Journal of Chemical Technology  Research,2016-2017

·         The research paper (Titanium dioxide as photocatalyst for processing textile wastewater under UV light)has been published in Mesopotemia Environmental Journal,2017-2018

·         The research paper (Treatment of Textile Wastewater using Zing Oxide under UV light)has been  published  in AL-MUTHANNA JOURNAL FOR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (MJET),2017-2018


  • Reactor Design.
  • Petrochemicals.
  • Engineering Project.
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