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Wael Jabbar Jouda

Submitted by yiuol on Wed, 03/07/2018 - 06:34

Name: Wael Jabbar Jouda

Born in the province of Babylon in 1982, he finished his studies in the initial Ibrahimia village, and completed his BA in 2005 and MA in 2008, at the Faculty of Education for Human Sciences Babylon University, then completed his doctorate at the Faculty of Arts, University of Basra in 2016.

Safir Jasim Hussein

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Assist Prof. Dr. safir Jasim Hussein

Place of Birth: Iraq/ AL-Muthanna Governorate /Hilal District

Date of Birth : 1/7/1971

Contact Information:
Department of Geography
Faculty of Humanities
AL-Muthanna University

Specialize :Geomorphology