Ali Hussein Abbas

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BSCN / College of Nursing - University of Baghdad

MSc / Community Health Nursing - College of Nursing - University of Baghdad / 2013



Haider Hameed Mitab

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MSc. (2002)/was obtained master's degree from the faculty of Science / University of Babylon / Iraq in competence of microbiology/ Thesis was accepted as excellent grade. Ph.D.(2008) /was obtained Ph.D. from the faculty of science /university of Babylon /Iraq in competence of molecular biology (by using real time PCR) of microbiology (about Mycobacterium tuberculosis) the thesis was accepted as excellent grade. Head of the Environment Department for 2009  and Assistant Dean of Administrative and Scientific Faculty of Nursing for four years and until now. There are books in the field of pathogenic pollution published in Lambert academic publishing. He has also made many contributions to his university at the international level, such as the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding with the University of Freiberg and the logistical support of the delegations of the German side of Lake Sawa.

Sameer Razzak Oliwi

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Lecture in nursing college university of Al Muthanna, 1957 years old, widowed , Bscin nursing, MSC adult nursing, Phd in adult nursing, 6 months mission in calefornia school  health and science